Direct response marketing. Narrative fiction. Screenplays. Film direction. Illustration. I am a tireless teller of elegant tales. I will help you find your story, and pummel every syllable and image until it's honest and sexy and compelling and actionable in ways you never imagined.

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If it's worth saying...'s worth saying right. But it's not just about words: it's about human stories that move. Character first. Honest, organic dialog. Motivations that matter. Passion that connects.

Let's tell a story. Original work, assignment, consultation, rewrites, polishing, ghost writing. Film, commercials, industrials, games.
Beyond copy. More than content. Words are my passion. Direct response marketing, consulting, ghost writing for page and screen, tablet and phone.
Director. Art Director. Production Designer. Prop designer. Storyboard artist. Voice artist. Occasional actor. But mostly director.

"Chip is a damn good script reader because he's a damn good script writer. He takes his kid gloves off and delivers honest, on point and actionable notes. My scripts would not be in the shape they are without his professional input and insightful feedback. Because of Chip's professional script feedback, my entire approach to writing now goes to 11, not just my screenplay. Thanks Chip!"

Jeff Palmer, Writer/Director "On The Fringe" "The Sleeping Deep"

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