Consultation, rewrites, polishing, ghostwriting.

I love screenwriting. But lots of people can say that.

I love rewriting. Not as many people can say that… but they should. It’s where the story gets better.

I’m no prima donna, and I’ll take notes like a champ.

But I’ll push back when I believe I know what’s best for the story.

I love the collaborative nature of the craft of filmmaking.

A screenwriter who’s been on set – produced, directed, run a department – knows firsthand how things change, how to respond to schedule conflicts, location changes, and budget constraints.

I am the screenwriter you want on board.

Because you and I both know it’s as much business as it is art.

Let’s Tell Your Story

“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before. I also like the work you’ve done with the characters, making Lana a bit more assertive, introducing a couple of running jokes …”
Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games

“You did a terrific rewrite. Thank you for being so open and creative.”
Stan Harris, eKidsFilms

“Compelling, terrifying, disturbing, beautifully written. It’s a very compelling story, and the authors manage to draw terror from a very unlikely source. The writing itself is beautiful, and the authors maintain a brisk pace throughout the piece.”
WildSound Screenplay Competition Judge

“Great job, Chip! [It] definitely gives the kid motive, and helps me in directing the scene.”
Ram Hernandez, Writer/Director, Phoenix Falling

“Your script is terrific … truly you have captured the children and me. I think it’s more of a winner than I ever dreamed and I am close to tears with joy. Thank you!”
Sari Mitchell, Creator/Producer, Nature Rangers

“The script is great! You hit it on the head, good job! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the near future.”
Mark Saia, Producer, Digital Media Factory

“I really appreciate your feedback about issues in the story! I also appreciate these funny suggestions! They’re great! I’m going to add all of these. Thanks for helping me fix it up!”
Erikka Innes, Writer/Director/Comedian

“Chip Street is a wonderful and inventive writer. He knows how to create unique stories and keep them moving in a way that captivates the reader.”
John Rainey Rainey Script Consulting – Voted #1 Sript Consultant by Creative Screenwriting