Women in Binders Meme A Viral Opportunity for Binder Manufacturers

I’ve just written an article for the Market Motive blog. It covers the recent “Women in Binders” meme that’s taken over the popular imagination since Romney’s comments in the last debate, and the viral marketing possibilities it raises for related entities like Avery Dennison, the binder manufacturer.

avery binder, binders of women, women in bindersNow there’s a new meme, thanks to a comment from Mitt Romney in the last Presidential Debate. Women in Binders (or Binders of Women) is now a certified viral phenomenon.

In fact, not only has it spawned a universe of graphical “women in binders” memes, it’s resulted in some unexpected attention for binder manufacturer Avery Dennison as well. Customer reviews on Amazon for the  Avery Durable View Binder are riffing on Romney’s “women in binders” comments, and bringing the page (and the product) plenty of attention.

Read the whole article here: MarketMotive.com/blog

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