Why does txmstr vex me so?

There’s a commercial on the radio (and probably on TV too) for a tax preparation service called Tax Masters.

The URL for their website is txmstr.com.

WTF? You spend years branding yourself… “We’re TaxMasters! Remember to call TaxMasters! Find us on the web at txmstr.com!”

So I imagine the big online branding conversation went something like this…

“Dammit! Taxmasters.com is no longer available!”

“What about TaxmastersOnline.com?

“Yah, but that’s not our name. We have offices too.”

“Okay, what about TaxmastersPro.com?”

“Eh… we don’t have an amateur division.”

“Damn. Okay, 1800TaxMasters.com?”

“You get to websites with a computer, not a phone.”

“True Dat. What to do?”

“Eureka! I’ve got it! Just take out the vowels.”

“Hmmm. You means txmstrs.com? That seems kind of random and hard to remember.”

“Naw. Not if you take out one consonant too.”

“That could work. Which one?”

“I don’t know. Pick one.”

“How about the “s”? ”

“Aha! So now it’s TaxMasters, but without its vowels, and without an “s”, so it’s singular even though our full name is plural. I love it! It’s edgy! Brilliant!”

“Should we tell Marketing?”

“Naw. They’ll make it work.”


*I’m sure they’re perfectly good at Mastering your Taxes. They just suck at web marketing.

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