Why Adapt Your Finished Screenplay To A New Form?

Why Adapt Your Finished Screenplay To A New Form?

Because he who has the best IP wins.

If you’ve spent months (years?) perfecting your screenplay, it may make sense to leverage that IP you’ve created into as many platforms as possible.

Turn it into a novel… a graphic novel… a web comic series… a short… there are lots of new media opportunities out there, with a much broader audience than your screenplay might otherwise reach.

And if you truly believe in your story — not just your desire to see it as a movie, but as a story in its own right — then tell your story in as many places as you possibly can.

I spent months adapting my screenplay Rocket Summer to a YA novel, and I’ve never been sorry I did. I’m considering turning my other screenplays into novels as well… in some ways, they may be more accessible in that form than Rocket Summer.

And the horror screenplay Faeries may make a great graphic novel.

What about you? What’s laying on your hard drive just waiting to be reimagined?

Here’s the post from WriteandCo.com: