Free Kindle eBooks and Activity Pages: 3/21 and 3/22

I’m making four of my Kindle ebooks FREE for the weekend.

If you’ve got little ones at home who need some entertainment, please feel free to gift them with these books.


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Angelico Goes To The Store

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Hide & Seek With Beverly Picture Book

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12 Funny Faces For You To Try Picture Book

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But right now, I’m leapfrogging you right to the download page. No signup required.

The coloring pages are from the book Hide & Seek with Beverly.

The Valentine’s Day cards are seasonal, but isn’t this a great time to tell people you love them? 🙂


Rocket Summer Available Worldwide with Free Shipping

Did you know…

You can order Rocket Summer to be delivered anywhere in the world with FREE SHIPPING.

How awesome is that?

Get this exciting and heart-warming middle-grade adventure book sent to you wherever you are.

“…a real page-turner … riveting and profound”
– Binghamton Children’s Books Examiner

Screenwriting for Distance Learning Providers

Curious about what I do for #distancelearning clients?

I work alongside the Instructional Designer (ID), who is a specialist responsible for designing and organizing the course. They work with the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to define the overall educational goals of the course, and develop supplemental materials like quizzes and tests, downloadable support assets like workbooks and syllabi, and interactive content.

The ID determines which portion of the material needs to be presented with narration or scenarios, which are short scenes using actors to demonstrate best practices, and then forwards the relevant SME documents to me.

The SMEs are very smart people who are experts in their fields; but they often (usually?) aren’t teachers, and in my ten years of experience aren’t necessarily good at decrypting their specialized knowledge for learners who are not yet expert themselves.

So the SME docs can be very dense, hermetic, and technical in ways that don’t lend themselves to knowledge transfer.

My job is to review, edit, organize, and simplify the SME content so it’s more accessible and engaging while retaining its educational value. If we can keep learners engaged in the material, we can improve knowledge retention and training completion rates.

Then I take the optimized SME content and write scripts for the narrator and the actors to record.

All of this is done in stages, with reviews and input from the ID to ensure we’re all staying on track with the teaching goals of the distance learning provider.

Here’s an example of a course I worked on for Care Academy. The video starts at the beginning of one of the scenarios, but I also wrote all the narration portions as well.

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Big Time Big Deal Sci-Fi Book Reveal and Unboxing

International children's sci-fi collection

Exciting news! My latest novel just arrived and you’re going to see it for the first time just as I do.

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New sci-fi novel released!

Exciting news!

The book I wrote last year has been released as part of a series.

Very proud to be one of the 15 international authors chosen to contribute to this IP.

International children's sci-fi collection

“…after nearly two years of preparation and creation … the authorship team of 15 internationally renowned writers was finally determined.” Continue reading New sci-fi novel released!

William Gibson Interview – All Tomorrow’s Parties

William Gibson, Author
Portrait of author William Gibson taken on his 60th birthday; March 17, 2008. Photo: Gonzo Bonzo

A long time ago — in the 1990s (holy crap, 20 years ago!) — I was the co-host (with my very good pal Sean Meehan) of a radio show on KSCO/KOMY called “Brave New World: The Coliseum Of Cultural Evolution.”

We interviewed lots of cool and interesting people, like Peter Bart, editor of Variety, who talked with us about the trends in Hollywood film-making; WWF wrestler Mick Foley who had just released his first book; and William Gibson, who had just released the novel “All Tomorrow’s Parties.”

For all kinds of reasons, very few recordings or text of the show survive… but I’m stoked that we did capture the Gibson interview.

I’m still looking for the audio file, but in the meantime, here’s the transcript… enjoy!

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R.I.P. Jerry Pournelle – And the infamous Ringworld and Squich Stories

Jerry Pournelle

Image: Roland Dobbins, Flickr

Wow. Jerry Pournelle passed away.

What a character… I’ve got a few Jerry stories from back in the day…

I’ve already shared the Jerry/Ringworld story that his sometime writing partner Larry Niven shared with me about a million years ago, over here Continue reading R.I.P. Jerry Pournelle – And the infamous Ringworld and Squich Stories

Are Your Characters As Complicated As You Are? The Brilliant Existential Dialog of Rick And Morty

rick and morty

All right, so… much as I was late to the amazing “BoJack Horseman,” I’m a little late to the Adult Swim series “Rick and Morty.”

While it’s a bit more absurdist rimshot theater than Bojack, it’s a smart and interesting show that traffics in some fun scifi tropes with a wink and a nod, while occasionally dipping into some pretty deep and thoughtful dialog, plumbing a variety of philosophical themes, largely existentialism.

First, a recap:

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Kong: Skull Island – How A Professional Translator Brought The Novelization To Japan

Kong Skull Island Japanese Novelization - Translated by Maniwa Arisawa

Translators work hard to protect the cinematic vision of the director, and the Literary vision of the author, when bringing film-based novels to international audiences.

Like anyone who loves giant monkeys and scary dinosaurs peppered with humor and buttloads of action, I’m super excited about the upcoming Kong: Skull Island release tomorrow (March 10 2017.) In fact, I’ve been telling everyone I can that the last trailer released for this film (below) is possibly one of the best edited and sound designed trailers EVAR.

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Marketing, The Curiosity Gap, and Art School

curiosity gap mind the gap

Why The Curiosity Gap Isn’t New, and What That Has To Do With My Art School Experience

Here’s a kind of meandering stream of consciousness.

A while back I had a conversation with my good friend Jennifer Cario (author of Pinterest Marketing An Hour A Day, and President of Sugar Spun Marketing.)

We were talking about The Curiosity Gap, and how it works in art and marketing (and the art of marketing. And probably the marketing of art.)

And I made this connection.

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