Film Shots & Classic Artworks – Inspiration or Homage?


Surely you’ve seen these videos floating around the social sphere lately.

In most cases, I have no doubt the artworks directly inspired the shots. Continue reading Film Shots & Classic Artworks – Inspiration or Homage?


80,000 views and counting

fireworksJust wanted to say thanks for all your support. We hit 80,000 views on this blog in just the past two years (since I started keeping track… the blog’s been around a lot longer).

I know there are sites with lots more traffic. And of course, there’s more to those statistics… how long did people stay, how many pages each visitor viewed, etc and so on. But I’m just focused right now on the gross number.

I see growth, and I appreciate your time.


Evil Party Clown Terrifies Children – For a Fee

Agency offers evil clowns for kids birthday parties

Since I’ve been art directing a zombie clown flick, this kind of caught my attention…

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never done

This essay was originally written and performed on KSCO 1080am on the second anniversary of 9/11. It’s not about 9/11 precisely, but more about heroism, about how tragedy bonds, about how tragedy clouds our vision, and about how tragedy can teach. I’ve posted it before, but thought it bore posting again.

My father told me once that he was glad my mother had died first. He loved her too much to wish he had gone in her place, he said. The harder thing was to be the one left behind. He wouldn’t wish the pain and guilt and insecurity and loneliness and self-loathing on an enemy, much less on the woman he loved. Best for her to have gone first, he said. He alone would bear the crushing weight of the following empty years for them both. Continue reading never done


Goodbye Ray Bradbury and Thanks for All the Magic

Sad times.

ray bradburyRay Bradbury was a spirit guide to my younger self, writing real the fantastic places I’d been sure only I in my childish imagination knew existed, while simultaneously illuminating the dark corners of my mundane reality, revealing the beautiful everyday magic hidden there.

In 1973 The Martian Chronicles was required reading in my middle school English class. To this day I remember how many students got confused with the closing lines of the book, and knowing that this was a litmus test for kindred spirits… if you thought the Martians were living underwater I could know you weren’t worthy. Continue reading Goodbye Ray Bradbury and Thanks for All the Magic


Writer Producer Virland S. Harris Dies at 61

virland stan harrisVirland Stan Harris passed away this past Friday May 4 in a motorcycle accident near Rose Valley, California.

I worked with Stan on Fat Rose and Squeaky, a small indie film he wrote and produced in San Jose. The film is a touching portrait of two elderly women and their struggle for dignity and independence.

That was the kind of story Stan loved to tell: small human tales of hope and decency, family fare with cross-generational appeal.

He went on to focus on writing and producing more positively valued family films over the past few years: Continue reading Writer Producer Virland S. Harris Dies at 61


Maurice Sendak dead at 83. Let the wild rumpus start.

Where The Wild Things Are - Maurice SendakThe king of the wild things has left us.

We roar our terrible roars
and gnash our terrible teeth

“oh please don’t go — we’ll eat you up — we love you so”

but he has stepped into his private boat and waved good-bye

and sailed back over a year
and in and out of weeks
and through a day

and into the night of his very own room.

May he find his supper waiting for him.

Let the wild rumpus start.




maurice sendakMaurice Sendak passed away today at the age of 83.

No two people inspired and directed me more in my work than he and Charles Schulz.

Thank you for being a true wild thing.



We’re baaaaaack.


Sometimes the mysteries of the interweb overwhelm.

My site’s been down for two months. You wouldn’t know it to look at it — the public facing pages were fine. But I had no access to the administration of the site. That means no new posts, no edits, couldn’t even accept comments.

It took a lot of  back and forth with my hosting provider, who finally moved all my sites to a new server. That meant redirecting my URLs, reloading some missing  files, and troubleshooting  any other missing pieces.

I’m still shy some backend features (have to reinstall some metrics software and SEO plugins) but at least I can bring you new stuff.


Charlie Sheen Roast: Insert Joke Here

Charlie Sheen is getting toasted roasted on Comedy Central – insert joke here.

Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast
Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast

Is this too easy?

We know you’ve got one in you. You  prolly already Tweeted it, or Facebooked it, or foursquared it, or Google+d it.

So share it here. Nobody’s gonna give you the chance to stand at the podium and give it to Charlie face to face. Might as well get it off your chest.

Charlie himself said “”You could say I’ve been providing kindling for this roast for a while. It’s time to light it up. It’s going to be epic.” Continue reading Charlie Sheen Roast: Insert Joke Here