Devolver Digital Enters Indie Film Releasing

Does a company with deep success in distributing indie game titles have something unique to offer to indie filmmakers? Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson thinks so. If you’ve heard of Devolver Digital, you’re probably familiar with their support and release of last year’s Hotline Miami, the blood-soaked, neon-drenched top-down action game from Dennaton that made a lot […]

Women in Binders Meme A Viral Opportunity for Binder Manufacturers

I’ve just written an article for the Market Motive blog. It covers the recent “Women in Binders” meme that’s taken over the popular imagination since Romney’s comments in the last debate, and the viral marketing possibilities it raises for related entities like Avery Dennison, the binder manufacturer. Now there’s a new meme, thanks to a […]

RedBox – Make It A Double Feature

A follow up to my first post 3 Things RedBox Could Do To Get More Money From Me… In that posting, I gave RedBox a hard time for not letting me add a second movie to my order when picking up a reserved disc. I also said they could increase average order size, and reduce […]

3 Things RedBox Could Do To Get More Money From Me

How RedBox lost a sale (and what I would have done about  it) NOTE: Follow up post here… The story I like RedBox. While they don’t play a very deep bench in film selection, I can get a new release pretty cheaply and conveniently long before I get it on NetFlix. Their online service is […]

Google Places Dating Ads on Strauss-Kahn Rape Video

Um, wow. I know search ad algorithms are mysterious, but seriously, what Google ad algorithm matches Dating Ads with Rape Stories? Checking out the news on the latest rape allegations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I was presented with a Google ad proclaiming: “Date Pretty Chinese Girl: Chinese women for dating and marriage Join free and find […]