The Great Buck Howard

Just saw this film in a sneak preview on The Lot while in LA last weekend… Malkovich is great as usual. Premiered on Monday in New York.

Watch for it.

Arrangements Premiere and Trailer

“Arrangements” will premiere Mother’s Day, Sunday May 11th at the Santa Cruz Film Festival.

Here’s the trailer!

Fat Rose and Squeaky on Showtime – trailer

The film I worked on last year (Jeeze, 18 months ago now) as Art Director will be on Showtime in April – and then run on their various channels for the next year. It hits the DVD stores in June (Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy) and they’re working on foreign distribution right now with a broker in L.A..

The aspect ratio’s a bit squashed, so check out the official Fat Rose and Squeaky site for a better version.