11 more things to think about when negotiating your screenplay option

Got an offer to option your screenplay? Here are eleven terms you should know when talking to your attorney. [See PART I – 10 things to think about when optioning your screenplay] Okay, so you’ve gotten an option offer, you’ve thought about the 10 things, and you still want to do it. Now it’s time […]

10 things to think about when you option your screenplay

What does it mean to have your screenplay optioned? A producer wants to option your script. Should you do it? What are the considerations? Here’s one guy’s opinion. Part I of II [Click for Part II: Eleven More Things To Think About When Negotiating Your Screenplay Option] Now that I’ve been through the option gauntlet […]

on defining "high concept"

Every so often I see a conversation about “high concept” films or screenplays that goes something like this: “That was a high concept film.” “High concept? It was a bunch of explosions and giant robots! What’s so high concept about that? “That’s poster-child high concept. By definition.” “No, high concept means a concept with high […]

Grampa Was A Superhero script has been optioned

[Become a fan of Grampa Was A Superhero on FACEBOOK] Writing duo’s family friendly spec script lands option deal with Epiphany Productions. Santa Cruz, CA – January 31, 2010 Chip Street and Sean Meehan have had unlikely good fortune in their short spec-screenplay writing careers. In an industry where newcomers are told that it’ll take […]

Julie Brown signs on to indie script “Rocket Summer”

It’s official… Miss Julie Brown is attached to the Rocket Summer project in the role of Mercy! Rocket Summer is great, I love it and would love to be in it! – Julie Brown Julie and I worked together a few years ago on the film Fat Rose and Squeaky (where I was Art Director), […]