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Data Mining Reveals the 6 Basic Emotional Arcs of Storytelling

Courtesy MIT Tech Review

This is a fascinating take on using Big Data to arrive at (or at least confirm) a result that we’ve seen demonstrated in many screenwriting books.

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New IMDB Credit for Hope Dances

It’s always nice to land a new IMDB credit! I recently worked as a Story Consultant for a film that’s in production now here in Santa Cruz, “Hope Dances.” It’s a lovely little family film about a young tween torn…

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Local Indie Film Starts Production: “Hope Dances”

It’s very exciting to see this feature film I consulted on getting into production! I did some dialog and character development and a little story consulting… now it’s finally in front of the camera! Congratulations to writer/director Andrew and all…

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From Screenplay to Novel – How One Short Scene Became A Whole Chapter

rocket summer novel

Here’s the story behind what turned a simple cutaway scene in the screenplay’s third act into a whole *new* chapter in the novel – and why I think it works.