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writing animation screenplays

Nemo courtesy of Pixar

[Yes, I see the pun in the title]

Over on my post What Bad Science Fiction Can Teach Us About Writing Screenplay Description, Susanna  asked a great question:

What about an animated movie script? I read somewhere that they should be more descriptive than the other ones, is that true? I don’t know to what extent we have to explain what we see for example in a construction site. If the vehicles or objects on it will be important for the actions that will follow do we have to name them first or they can just appear on the action lines? Thank you!!

My reply got lengthy, and when that happens, I’d rather not hide it in the bowels of a reply thread. I’d rather give it its own post.

So here we go.


william shatner

Casting the perfect stars for Grampa Was A Superhero

grampa was a superhero movie posterThe producer who’s got Faeries under option right now recently asked us to put together a dream cast … if we could have anyone we wanted, who would we put in our movie?

Of course we came up with a hot list of A caliber talent. Hopefully they’re all getting phone calls as we speak.

But it got us thinking… who would we cast in the screenplay we’re polishing right now, Grampa Was A Superhero?

Of course, there’s one huge “get” that we would die to have in the starring role of the charming but confused 83 year old Grampa, who once starred as the superhero Captain Liberty in 1959…


grampa was a superhero movie poster
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Wizard of Oz is public domain

ozSo I was recently reading an article Hollywood Reporter about the new Oz the Great and Powerful, and learned that the source material is in the public domain.

Now, I should have known this… if I was a responsible screenwriter, I’d be doing that kind of research to find more sources of inspiration with cultural cache. Not that I’m lacking in concepts… but again – “cultural cache”.

But that’s another story… the important thing is, now I know this.

So that gets the brain working. I’ve got a personal attachment to this series… I learned how to read by sharing the Oz books with my mother… she’d read a paragraph, then I’d take a turn. Now, that was nearly 50 years ago, so I don’t rightly remember all the books and characters well, but perhaps it’s time to revisit them. […]

Faeries screenplay optioned

Well, we spent the past few months negotiating a new option deal on our horror creature feature “Faeries”. Now the deal’s done, and the producers are in LA putting together a biz plan, some previz materials, and other assets to round out the investor’s package. What’s extra cool is that they’re positioning the property as[…]

Color me prescient: More momentum for Western / genre mashups

Is the Western/Genre mashup gaining momentum? I hope so.

First a little self-congratulatory pimping:

Back in 2009 I wrote about the forthcoming Cowboys and Aliens movie, and discussed its potential to launch a new genre.

So the Science Fiction Western, while not new, may be welling toward a resurgence as a genre. God knows it deserves a reboot in the theaters after the horrific Wild Wild West (one of only one or two truly unwatchable Will Smith joints), and TV could use another crack at it too post the failure of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (an underrated show that never got its due, which also dipped a toe into SteamPunk, and got Bruce Campbell in front of an audience that wasn’t simply a gaggle of B-horror movie fanboys much like Burn Notice has done).

jonah hex […]

Screenplay to Novel: Rocket Summer. The Conversation.

rocket summer movie posterThis is a passage that’s been rewritten SO many times in the screenplay it isn’t even funny. It’s a turning point for Lacey, a glimpse for her into her father’s process, and the beginnings of her realization that he’s human and hurting.

I’m hoping this is finally doing what it needs to do. Of course, this isn’t the whole conversation. […]

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