The Hunger Games review: Strong performances win out over shaky camera

** Related post: Shaky camera technique inspires Lenbrook’s new ShudderStik tripod head The Hunger Games movie review: Shaky cameras and low budget blues are saved by a strong premise and stronger performances. The Shaky Camera Yes, it’s true, the Hunger Games Shaky Camera Effect does suck. But it kind of doesn’t entirely ruin the film. […]

TrollHunter – The Review

I’d been looking forward to TrollHunter since seeing the trailer in August of last year… any successful film that features a classic but underutilized creature bodes well for our horror script Faeries. So I was excited to see it available on NetFlix streaming this weekend. In some ways, it didn’t disappoint. And in other ways, […]

My son laughs all the way through Commercial Kings

My son laughs all the way thru Commercial Kings with frequent pauses to gasp “I love this show!” What? You don’t know this show? You should. It’s like Dirty Jobs meets Project Greenlight with funny. And, maybe a touch of Hoarders (but with love). What’s wonderful about the show is that it’s not really about […]

Recipe for Skyline: 3 easy ingredients

Recipe for a science fiction movie Take 11 lines of dialogue and 3 core concepts from Independence Day. Add the squids from The Matrix. Fold in some War Of The Worlds remake, stir. Accidently knock over the Mars Attacks and spill some in. Bake at 17 degrees for 94 minutes. Let cool. Enjoy your Skyline. […]

Platinum Hit Finds A New Twist On Music Reality Shows

It’s true, I like me some reality TV. If you’ve known me long enough, you know how unlikely that statement is. I was one of the (many? few?) decrying reality TV as the launch of the apocalypse 10 years ago, the first of the 4 horsemen. But its siren song called to even me, and […]