Faeries horror screenplay a quarterfinalist in the BlueCat screenplay contest

We had lots of great feedback from the judges at 2012’s BlueCat competition, and got lots of great guidance at the same time. “awesome, intense, unusual and original … sickly satisfying … the only way to do horror movies” Now we’re happy to announce we’ve made it to the quarterfinals! Semifinals are announced on March […]

Get personalized, actionable feedback from screenplay consultant Adam Levenberg

Getting feedback from a screenplay consultant or reader can be humbling, and confusing. Maybe even a little demoralizing. Knowing what to do with screenplay feedback can be crippling. Partly because it’s just words on a page. Just like an email or a text message, written feedback doesn’t provide an opportunity to discuss and clarify, so […]

When to listen to the reader: Understanding screenplay feedback

* This post was recognized and redistributed by the BlueCat Screenplay Competition. We hear it all the time. If you want to write a better screenplay, get feedback and listen to it. But I promise you this: the feedback you get from contest readers, other writers, and even friends and family will not be consistent. […]

Who owns the rights to your screenplay rewrites?

In my original article “10 Things To Think About When You Option Your Screenplay” I included the passage: “…negotiate the rights to any changes or alternative versions created by the producer or on behalf of the producer during the option period. In other words, if the script reverts back to you, so should the rights […]

TrollHunter – The Review

I’d been looking forward to TrollHunter since seeing the trailer in August of last year… any successful film that features a classic but underutilized creature bodes well for our horror script Faeries. So I was excited to see it available on NetFlix streaming this weekend. In some ways, it didn’t disappoint. And in other ways, […]