Color me prescient: More momentum for Western / genre mashups

Is the Western/Genre mashup gaining momentum? I hope so. First a little self-congratulatory pimping: Back in 2009 I wrote about the forthcoming Cowboys and Aliens movie, and discussed its potential to launch a new genre. So the Science Fiction Western, while not new, may be welling toward a resurgence as a genre. God knows it […]

Documentary Chronicles Efforts to Bring World War II Vets to DC Memorials

Honor Flight documents the effort to fly as many WWII Veterans to visit Washington DC Memorials as possible – and breaks a world record in the process. Honor Flight is an uplifting, feature-length documentary about an American community joining together to honor World War II veterans one last time. The film follows a devoted team […]

Amazon Studios’ New (Old) Screenplay Option Model Part 2

If you’ve been following my previous post on Amazon Studios’ option model and consider list, you know I’ve chosen not to accept their offer to post my screenplay to their shortlist. The post was featured on John August’s website, and mentioned on Bleeding Cool. But I still hold out hope that Amazon can straighten out […]

Amazon Studios New (Old) Deal for Screenplay Options

Follow me on Twitter. NEW: Follow up post here Amazon (yes, that Amazon) is launching a movie studio, and they just gave our horror screenplay Faeries a “consider”. What’s that mean? Not a lot, as near as we can tell. First, here’s a brief primer on the history of the Amazon Studios deal. (I’m confident […]

Writer Producer Virland S. Harris Dies at 61

Virland Stan Harris passed away this past Friday May 4 in a motorcycle accident near Rose Valley, California. I worked with Stan on Fat Rose and Squeaky, a small indie film he wrote and produced in San Jose. The film is a touching portrait of two elderly women and their struggle for dignity and independence. […]