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Give This Shriekfest Alum Horror Movie Some Lovin’

I read an early version of the screenplay for this film around 2011 or so, when I was a judge for Shriekfest Screenplay Competition… in my opinion, it was one of the top 3 or 4 screenplays I ever read for them.

Cast and Crew pic from the final day of “Fat Rose and Squeaky”

Wayback …

Cast and Crew pic from the final day of “Fat Rose and Squeaky”.

You’ll see Louise Fletcher, Cicely Tyson, Lea DeLaria, Julie Brown, Jo Anderson, our intrepid director Sam Irvin, along with my awesome props guy and set dresser Billy Hayes, my Production Designer boss Brian Sharp, and a lot of other super talented people.

Oh, and me. 🙂

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Should You Give Up Equity In Your NanoBudget Film?

I’m torn on this…

If you win this competition with your contained-budget screenplay, you’ll get the 7K you need to make your film in exchange for 30% of the profits.