From Screenplay to Novel – How One Short Scene Became A Whole Chapter

rocket summer movie posterHere’s the story behind what turned a simple cutaway scene in the screenplay’s third act into a whole *new* chapter in the novel – and why I think it works.
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Casting the perfect stars for Grampa Was A Superhero

grampa was a superhero movie posterThe producer who’s got Faeries under option right now recently asked us to put together a dream cast … if we could have anyone we wanted, who would we put in our movie?

Of course we came up with a hot list of A caliber talent. Hopefully they’re all getting phone calls as we speak.

But it got us thinking… who would we cast in the screenplay we’re polishing right now, Grampa Was A Superhero?

Of course, there’s one huge “get” that we would die to have in the starring role of the charming but confused 83 year old Grampa, who once starred as the superhero Captain Liberty in 1959…

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Why your screenplay is not what defines the movie

making moviesHere’s one example of how the best stuff that appears on screen can have nothing to do with what’s in your screenplay… and why that’s great.

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Devolver Digital Enters Indie Film Releasing

Does a company with deep success in distributing indie game titles have something unique to offer to indie filmmakers? Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson thinks so.

DevolverLogoIf you’ve heard of Devolver Digital, you’re probably familiar with their support and release of last year’s Hotline Miami, the blood-soaked, neon-drenched top-down action game from Dennaton that made a lot of best-of lists. Devolver co-founder as well as game and film industry vet Mike Wilson wants to make Devolver known not only for their support of indie games, but indie film as well, launching Devolver Digital Films this week at South by Southwest.

There’s no shortage of emerging alternative distributor models… but my gut tells me that Devolver just may find a niche that really benefits from their time in the gaming trenches.

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Evil Party Clown Terrifies Children – For a Fee

Agency offers evil clowns for kids birthday partiesI’m a little hyper-aware of evil clowns now, after art directing the about-to-be-released Zombie Clowns Conquer the World.

So when I saw this story about a “party clown” who specializes in stalking and terrifying children for a fee, I was intrigued.

This is just all kinds of awesome and inappropriate all rolled into one.