This South Korean Zombie Flick Looks Perfect For All The Right Reasons

Sign me up! I’m super excited about this South Korean zombie flick, Train to Busan.

NPR: South Korea’s Hit Zombie Film Is Also A Searing Critique Of South Korean Society

“We don’t trust anyone but ourselves,” says one Korean film critic.

I’m a big fan of contemporary South Korean films in general, for the exact reasons NPR is stating… I’ve found them to be an interesting mix, as they’re very Western in their story structure and production (the “big budget” ones feel a lot like Western big budget films, the small indie ones have a very similar feel to my favorite Western indies) yet they use that structure and presentation to investigate character and theme from their own fascinating cultural perspective.

A few others to check out (in no particular order – and I’m just scratching the surface):


The Host


Castaway on the Moon

Snowpiercer (surprisingly)

I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay

The Housemaid