I’ve had a chance to work with some great people, and they’ve had some nice things to say.


“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before. I also like the work you’ve done with the characters, making Lana a bit more assertive, introducing a couple of running jokes …”
Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games

“I liked your script! Thank you! Once it takes off, I will come back to you for more stories! Again, thank you for your help!”
Alexander Polenok, WizarLabs Inc.

“A lively, unusual slasher movie that delivers plenty of gore, and introduces a new set of monsters that could be worth a franchise. Clear and atmospheric writing that flows down the page. Definitely above average writers.”
Shriekfest Screenplay Competition Judge – re: Faeries

“I just read your comments. Great job, Chip! [It] definitely gives the kid motive, and helps me in directing the scene.”
Ram Hernandez, Writer/Director, Phoenix Falling

“The script is great! You hit it on the head, good job! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the near future.”
Mark Saia, Producer, Digital Media Factory

“Your script is terrific … truly you have captured the children and me. I think it’s more of a winner than I ever dreamed and I am close to tears with joy. Thank you!”
Sari Mitchell, Creator/Producer, Nature Rangers

“Larry and I read your latest script, and we think it’s wonderful! I love it, thanks!!!”
Margaret Rex, Creator/Producer, Magic Paintbox

“The script is great! We love it! Chip is one of those great creative minds, who always brings something above and beyond. He is professional, proficient, and a true pleasure to work with. I hope to collaborate with him again in the near future.”
Josh Gillick, Producer, Magic Paintbox

“Compelling, terrifying, disturbing, beautifully written. It’s a very compelling story, and the authors manage to draw terror from a very unlikely source. The writing itself is beautiful, and the authors maintain a brisk pace throughout the piece.”
WildSound Screenplay Competition Judge – re: Faeries

“Chip is a damn good script reader because he’s a damn good script writer. He takes his kid gloves off and delivers honest, on point and actionable notes. My scripts would not in the shape they are without his professional input and insightful feedback. Because of Chip’s professional script feedback, my entire approach to writing now goes to 11, not just my screenplay. Thanks Chip!”
Jeff Palmer, Writer/Producer/Director; Screenwriting Adjunct Professor, Fitchburg State University; Video Production Adjunct Instructor, Northern Essex Community College

“I really appreciate your feedback about issues in the story! I also appreciate these funny suggestions! They’re great! I’m going to add all of these. Thanks for helping me fix it up!”
Erikka Innes, Writer/Director/Comedian

“This story is touching on many levels. You are a talented writer, with a wonderful unique style.”
Monterey County Film Commission Screenplay Contest Judge – re: Rocket Summer

“You did a terrific rewrite. Thank you for being so open and creative.”
Stan Harris, eKidsFilms – re: Rocket Summer

“Chip Street is a wonderful and inventive writer. He knows how to create unique stories and keep them moving in a way that captivates the reader.”
John Rainey, Rainey Script Consulting – Voted #1 Sript Consultant by Creative Screenwriting

“I’ve paid for script coverage before, but this was by far the most comprehensive and helpful feedback I’ve ever received. Extremely thought-provoking. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this considered and thorough reading. Back to the drawing board – with a much better sense of what to do now that I have your insights!!”
M. Goff, Poet, Screenwriter

“[Chip’s] notes on scripts were on the mark. I was really impressed with his screenwriting knowledge. I’d work with Chip any day!”
Denise Gossett, Actor, Founder Shriekfest Film Festival


“Thank you (and to the team) for helping put this together, we had fun today and are optimistic that the finished product will turn out great!”
Jacque Shockley, Producer, Shockley Productions

“We have worked with many directors in a variety of productions, and can assert without any doubt that Chip created the most organized and well-run environment of them all. Not only did he start and finish on schedule, but the set was a fun and relaxed place to be. We at The Cosmo Factory would relish any opportunity to work with Chip again.”
Kaia Cornell, HMU Lead, Arrangements

“Chip is the best film director I’ve had the privilege of working with. He is focused, professional, and 100-percent dedicated to transforming the written word into sights and sounds that move you. He gives his actors and crew clear direction, is incredibly receptive to input, and relentlessly detail oriented. I’d work with Chip again any time, anywhere.”
Chad Davies, Actor, Co-Star, Arrangements

“Chip has a pervasive creative and artistic vision that propels his impeccable decision making and ability to complete tasks and stay organized. I look forward to the possibility of working with Chip again!”
Matthew Galvin, Director of Photography, Arrangements

“Chip is a quality director who brings the magic to the table by staying true to the vision of the project while providing the actor a sense of freedom and exploration for character development.”
Gina Marie Camp, Actor, Co-Star, Arrangements

Film Production

“Chip Street is not only one of the nicest people I have ever met, he’s creative, highly intelligent and very trustworthy. Chip has a myriad of talents. His passionate work ethic and creative problem solving skills will exceed any projects goals and/or expectations.”
Jane Sullivan, Founder, Santa Cruz International Film Festival

“Chip Street is the consummate Art Director! He’s smart, has a wonderful eye, is resourceful, and most importantly – he gets it! Chip is a professional who works hard and delivers what’s required. To top it off, he is a great guy! The bottom line is that Chip is my first choice for Art Director on any project.”
Simone Sommerfeld, DP , Layla: Live or Die

“Chip Street was the Art Director on our feature documentary “PROGRAMMING THE NATION?“. He was extremely dedicated and professional in all aspects of the job and helped us transcend our re-enactment footage above and beyond our expectations. Chip is both talented and detail oriented in his work. I would highly recommend and absolutely love to work with him again on future projects.”
Jeff Warrick, Producer, Ignite Productions

“Chip’s talent and his contributions to BLUR were remarkably above industry standard. Friends and family have commented to me Chip was the best member of the production team. I am looking forward to collaborating on our next project.”
Timothy Halpin, 1st AD, BLUR Productions

“I do not have enough superlatives to describe the work ethic and imagination of Chip Street as a production designer. Having worked with designers in the industry in L.A. and San Francisco, I can safely say that were he available, he would be the top designer in any area he would choose. Imaginative, hard working, and exceptionally collaborative, Chip Street is my designer of choice for any event I’m fortunate enough to have him on.”
John Kim, Writer/Director, BLUR Productions

“It was a great pleasure to work with Chip on the feature film BLUR. He was always prepared, could solve any problem, and faced the challenges of the project with good humor and professionalism. His creative talent always produced high quality work that shaped the film visually. I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Chip again.”
Lisa VandenBerghe, Costume Designer, BLUR Productions

“Chip was really great to work with, he was patient and diligent. He was resourceful and attentive to detail on set. His creativity and execution of the set dressings and design made the filming run smoother. He made the filming a great learning experience for me.”
Anita Magana, Assistant Art Department, BLUR Productions

“Chip and his very small team did an incredible job as art director on my independent film, “Fat Rose and Squeaky“. Under the guidance of Production Designer Brian Sharp, Chip’s attention to the smallest details gave the film Director, Sam Irvin, a look and feel comparable to films 10 times the budgets we had.”
Stan Harris, Writer/Producer, Etc… Group Entertainment

“Chip Street is a brilliant mixed media artist. I have had the opportunity to work with Chip on several occasions, one being Art Director on the feature film “Fat Rose and Squeaky”. Chip was always attentive and extremely creative. He performed any task I asked without hesitation and performed above my expectations. He is meticulous and budget conscious. He is also a real pleasure to work with, with a cool head and a great personality. I will use Chip whenever I can!”
Brian Sharp, Production Designer


“Chip illustrated my book, “Snickers’ Day Out”. We were in constant communication, and he was punctual completing sketches. I recommend Chip for all illustrating opportunities and look forward to working with him in the future.”
Michelle Faciana, Author, Snickers’ Day Out

“I’ve hired Chip for a number of creative projects related to my business. Each time, I’ve been thrilled by Chip’s work, timeliness, and professionalism, and I’ve been eager to keep rehiring him for those reasons. What makes Chip unique in my experience is he has the raw creative, artistic talent and skills of a beatnik, combined with the buttoned-down executive type demeanor and punctuality of a CPA firm partner. I don’t remember Chip ever missing a deadline, and I have been consistently thrilled by his work.”
Drew Freeman, Publisher, Aardvark Adventure Stories