TBT: The First Short Film I Worked On

Totally forgot about this little gem… probably the very first short film I was ever involved with, “Full Access“.

A buddy of mine had just gotten a new camera… An XL2 if that sets the date for you. 😉

I helped out with props, and played “Bill From Verola”, a cellular plan salesman who never gave up.

It was just me, the writer/director, and his brother who starred as “Les” from Les’s Mortgage.

We had almost no idea what we were doing, but it was great fun.

There were shots where we left the equipment in view, and we struggled to get good coverage… but our star was a superstar, holding his breath underwater in the tub while his brother calmly waited many seconds before yelling ‘cut’. 😀

It was online for a while, but I’ve had no luck. Hopefully one day I’ll find a copy again.