Free phone service. Seriously. None of that Comcast Triple Play bullshit. No Vonage. No Skype. (Well, maybe Skype.) My wife and I compared ’em all. No contest.

Plug the magicJack into your computer, plug your phone into the magicJack. There’s a little finagling you gotta do to get it to work just right, but it’s pretty simple. Then it’s just free calls, so long as your computer is on. (computer not on? It goes to voicemail. You get an email telling you you’ve got a message.) All calls, nationwide. Free.

Well, almost. It’s $39.95 to buy the jack itself. That comes with a year’s worth of FREE service. After that, it’s $19.95 a year… you’re essentially paying a software licensing fee, the calls are free.

That’s for phone service, directory assistance, voicemail, call waiting, caller ID. The works.

And the sound quality is comparable to any landline.

I’ve had it for about a year. I don’t have any landline phone service at all. Just magicJack and my cell phone.

Downside? Their website is janky… it looks like a scam website. Likewise, their commercials on TV suck… they look like shopping network commercials. Neither really induces confidence.

Personally, I think they’d kick everyone’s ass with better marketing.

But it’s the real deal.

*No, I am not a magicJack affiliate. I makeĀ  nothing from this endorsement. Really. It’s just shit you gots to have.