Filmmaking as humanitarianism …

Filmmaking as humanitarianism: Dying To Do Letterman raises $8000 for girl with leukemia:

Help Gina Marie win a walk on …

Help Gina Marie win a walk on role on Mad Men – She starred in my last short and rocked it out! Please RT!

Is It Time For The Indie Super…

Is It Time For The Indie Superhero Movie To Hang Up The Cape? You haven’t met Grampa:

Denise Gossett interviewed at Dark Media City

Denise GossettShriekfest Horror Festival Director Denise Gossett was just interviewed for Dark Media City!

Denise is a good friend of myself and this site, so check out Dark Media City, and look for her interview.

Sage advice for writers

A great quote from my new Twitter friend @jonathangunson: Father’s advice: “Start writing, any old how. And write to a schedule. The muse will soon become intrigued and join in.”

Subliminal Messaging Doc World Premiere

Subliminal Messaging Doc World Premier NYC 8.19 – art directed by yours truly! Let me know what u think.

Had two producer/director requests for Faeries

Had two producer/director requests to read Faeries today. That makes three getting ready to duke it out!