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How Not To Apply To Work With Me

So, yeah, when applying to work with me, don’t tell me you have a “Batchers Degree” in pretty much anything.

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My son laughs all the way through Commercial Kings

My son laughs all the way thru Commercial Kings with frequent pauses to gasp “I love this show!”

Rhett Link Commercial KingsWhat? You don’t know this show? You should. It’s like Dirty Jobs meets Project Greenlight with funny. And, maybe a touch of Hoarders (but with love). What’s wonderful about the show is that it’s not really about making commercials, it’s about these great little vignettes of American small business owners … unique characters, original souls, and treated with such great respect by Rett and Link.

Must watch. I expect this to be on the air for a long time.

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How Much Does An American Indie Producer Get Paid

How Much Does An American Indie Producer Get Paid?

indieWIREThis article from IndieWire is a bit sobering, a splash of cold hard reality for all you starry-eyed dreamers.

If you’re in it for the money, get out. Now.


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New venues for Independent Film

eternal sunrise documentaryNew venues for indiefilm – Eternal Sunrise doc screens at 16 airports in 25 days http://ow.ly/6cZe8

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Eisner’s Vuguru helps indie film find audience

vguru logoEisner’s Vuguru helps Post Apocalyptic “Nuclear Family” find its audience http://ow.ly/6cXGX

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