how fucking old is wilford brimley anyway?

So I’m watching TV tonight and there’s Wilford Brimley (again…always…forever) pimping the medical supplies services he’s been pimping for what seems like an eternity, and I turn to my wife and I say “How fucking old is Wilford Brimley anyway? He was an old man twenty-five years ago!” I’m thinking, of course, of the Wilford[…]

Daily (Talk) Show with Jon Stewart

Cruising through the onscreen guide for my Comcast cable… noticed that “The Daily Show” is listed as (talk) while “The Colbert Report” is listed as (comedy). Is this a recent change? Does this mean that “The Daily Show” is legitimized as an actual talk show rather than comedy? Hmmm. Was that before or after he[…]

According to who?

Acting class today. Had a scene from According to Jim. I played the electronics store clerk. The store was called “Lazy Al’s”. The script said I was wearing a bathrobe over my clothes, hands in pockets. My dialogue is clearly “scripted customer service” — stuff like “Welcome to Lazy Al’s where we’re too lazy to[…]

My neighbors are moving.

I’m very disappointed to announce that my neighbors are moving. Not just one set of neighbors, mind you, but both neighbors. The folks on the left, and the folks on the right. Now, contrary to what you might think, this really has nothing to do with my quality as a neighbor. In fact, I’ve been[…]

RIP Bob Wilkins

Rest In Peace. Bob Wilkins, the cigar-wielding host of “Creature Features,” the late-night movie show that aired on KTVU’s Channel 2 through the 1970s, died Wednesday in Reno from complications of Alzheimer’s disease, his family said. He was 76. For a generation of science fiction and B-movie enthusiasts, Mr. Wilkins was the bespectacled TV host[…]

Snap Into A Slim Jim

Y’know, I’ve long held that people are idiots. But that’s easy to say. What’s hard is finding a good tool for proving it. One of the gauges with which I measure the idiocy of people is television. More so than movies, and more so than music. Eminem’s success notwithstanding. Of course, there’s some movies on[…]

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