Novelizing Rocket Summer: The Difference Between Mom and Dad

rocket summer movie posterSo things are moving along. I’ve spent the day writing and gotten a lot done.

I’ve decided to post an excerpt every few days… it’ll appear here, and on the Rocket Summer Facebook page as well.

The difference between Mom and Dad:

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Novelizing a screenplay: Rocket Summer

rocket summer movie posterOK.

So when eKidsFilms purchased the screenplay for Rocket Summer, I retained the Literary rights.

I was already partway through novelizing the screenplay when they purchased it, so it’s partway completed. I’ve sort of set aside the idea of converting the screenplay into a novel, but  now  I’m back in the mood.

Motivation? Hopefully the book can have some small success as a YA novel, and help generate interest in the film, when we’re able to finally get production done.

Now it’s about 44 days till my birthday, and I’ve got approximately 150 pages of novel to finish. That’s only an average of 3.4 pages a day. Given that the thing’s already outlined end-to-end, all the dialogue’s written (it’s a screenplay) I should be able to do this, right? Then another month to final polish…

Look out, Amazon, here I come!