The Oracle of Bacon

Went to the Oracle of Bacon and found my Kevin Bacon relationship… chip street has a Bacon number of 3: 1 – Chip Street was in The Tripper (2006) with Lucas Haas 2 – Lucas Haas was in Mars Attacks (1996) with Rance Howard 3 – Rance Howard was in Frost/Nixon (2008) with Kevin Bacon[…]

Whatever It Takes

Hah! I just learned that my first short film, “Whatever It Takes”, is posted on YouTube. This short was written and produced primarily as an equipment test back in like 2005… my friend Chris Cooney had just gotten a new lighting kit and mic, and wanted to try it out. We were running a writer’s[…]


I’ve got my scripts on, in the hopes that they’ll be seen and read by producers looking for new properties. Inktip is a legit site, they do a decent job screening the “producers”, vetting their resumes before allowing them access so we can be reasonably assured that whoever is looking at our stuff is[…]

The Style of No Style

“Wow, that $5,000 slasher horror flick you made sure is a crappy movie.” “It’s just a slasher flick, that’s the style. It’s about the blood, not the production values.” “So slasher flicks can be bad movies and still be good?” “They’re not bad movies. They have a different style.” “Er… movies are movies, regardless of[…]

New Website

heyall… Seems like I’m forever tweaking, but it seemed like my old site had way too much info, was too busy, and was hard to navigate. So I’ve rebuilt it. Please take a look and give me any feedback. The one thing that’s still to be integrated is a media page, with any clips/shorts/reel etc.[…]