WGA: Sundance screenwriters on writing for indies

Thanks to my good friend Jeff Palmer for this link:

WGA’s Angle On series features a video interview of several screenwriters at Sundance, discussing the constraints and advantages of writing for indie film, and some of the best advice they’ve gotten in their careers.

BLUR screening in LA – May 6 2009

BLUR, a feature film I art directed a few years ago, is screening in Los Angeles on May 6th, at 6pm.

British Film Festival Los Angeles.

Starring Charlie Hofheimer, Burt Bulos and Katherine Towne.

Charlie is nominated for best actor in a feature… Break a leg, Charlie!

Sadly not nominated for best art direction but there was no such category…

3D films, pirating, indies and writers

The current trend toward 3D films (and there are several technologies vying for supremecy – vhs v beta all over again – see a great FORTUNE article here, and a more current TIME article here) means new complications for pirates (movie pirates, not seafaring pirates — meaning pirates of movies, not pirates in movies) and new opportunites for indies if they can figure out the basics and pull off the shooting.

There’s a discussion over at John August’s blog … check out the comments to see how some readers are deconstructing the pirating process. And a discussion over at indieclub.com among the micro-indies about how to pull off the shooting.

Is 3D a filmmaker’s hedge against pirating? And for how long?

Will micro-indies be left behind as audiences come to expect 3D, or will they be able to find micro-budget technologies that will allow them to compete?

And will 3D change the stories writers choose to write, and the way they write them?

BLUR the movie – trailer

Here’s the trailer for a feature film I Art Directed in 2007 — psychological thriller “Blur” starring Charlie Hofheimer (Black Hawk Down) and Katharine Towne (What Lies Beneath). Directed by John W. Kim.

It’s finally making the rounds of the festivals, and will be looking for distribution this year. Give ’em some love on YouTube!

*edit* Aw, it’s been taken down from YouTube. Guess you’ll just have to go to http://blur-movie.com/┬áto check it out…

The Great Buck Howard

Just saw this film in a sneak preview on The Lot while in LA last weekend… Malkovich is great as usual. Premiered on Monday in New York.

Watch for it.