Bring In The Clones

I don’t have enough time. Or maybe I have enough time, but too much crap to do. That must be it. I have enough time for one guy, and enough crap for a bunch of guys. If my experience of the past forty-some-odd years is any indication, the amount of crap I have to do[…]

Everything I need to know I learned too late.

I’ve heard people say that everything you need to know you learned in kindergarten. It’s a lie. Sure, you learned lessons like “say please and thank you“, “share your toys”, “take a nap when you’re tired”, and “stink bugs don’t taste nearly as good as they smell”. But if only life were that simple. If[…]

Farmer Tan

Why doesn’t my culture speak to me anymore? Why isn’t Madison Avenue interested in my dollars? They wanted my dollars once. Once I was young and beautiful, and advertisers fought to get my attention, because I fell in that magical range of people with money and time and a pliable brain. I used to be[…]

Clef two-factor authentication