Grampa Was A Superhero script has been optioned

[Become a fan of Grampa Was A Superhero on FACEBOOK] Writing duo’s family friendly spec script lands option deal with Epiphany Productions. Santa Cruz, CA – January 31, 2010 Chip Street and Sean Meehan have had unlikely good fortune in their short spec-screenplay writing careers. In an industry where newcomers are told that it’ll take […]

the hollywood blacklist redux

Recently, somewhere in Hollywood, somebody got taken for a ride (no surprise). They got so upset about it that they decided to start an organization dedicated to bringing film industry scammers to justice; hanging them out to dry where everyone could see them and be warned about them by listing their names, and businesses, and […]

Arrrr! Video Pirates in the North Sea!

Great article on Reuters about film piracy, Pirate Bay*, and how the industry is coping. Thanks to the bandwidth required to share movies and the rise of the DVD in the late 1990s, Hollywood was spared a few years before piracy reached its glitzy shores, and studio moguls were able to learn from the music […]

Awaken The Professional Screenwriter Within

This is the longest post ever (so far). I apologize in advance. It’s worth it. I just got back from a two day seminar in Hollywood, called “Awaken The Professional Screenwriter Within”, hosted by producer Marvin Acuna (Exec Producer of the new John Malkovich / Colin Hanks film “The Great Buck Howard“). I first heard […]