Ready to make your own "300"?

Following on Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Sin City, 300, and even TV series’ like John Adams, the advantages of virtual sets and locations are attractive to indie filmmakers, though maybe a little bit out of reach. Nevertheless the unending advance of affordable technology is closing the gap, making virtual production within the grasp of smaller producers without compromising quality.

I’ve been following the efforts to build Southeastern Studios, an exciting new green screen studio in Vero Beach, Florida for the past couple of years on After mucking about with the local red tape of planning commissions and permits, they’re up and running and it’s pretty impressive.

Just as you saw with 300, the action can take place on their huge greenscreen stage, and all your sets and backgrounds can be virtual. They’ll design and build the backgrounds for you, or you can provide your own.

The real differentiation seems to be their integration of the Ultimatte system, which allows you to see your actors and virtual settings composited on the monitor in real time, rather than waiting weeks or months for your post production specialists to composite, only to find out something didn’t work quite like you wanted it.

They’ve got all the equipment you need, from cameras to cranes, dollies to editing suites, all synced with the software and one another for maximum efficiency… so all you have to do is show up with a great idea and maybe some actors.

So what are you waiting for?

Raiders of the Lost Ark story conference released!

Geek alert! The transcripts from the early “Raiders of the Lost Ark” story meetings between Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Lawrence Kasdan have been released. For fans of the film, it offers great insight into how the story and the characters evolved in their minds, why they made the decisions they made, and how their collaboration resulted in a project greater than the sum of its parts.

And for writers and filmmakers, it’s a prime example of the process you might want to go through in developing your next property.

Here’s the direct download link. (PDF)

Here’s an HTML version courtesy of Moedred’s Journal.

I found this first on the Mystery Man On Film blog… there’s some valuable commentary there as well. Check it out.

HD camera $229.99

flip HD camera
flip HD camera

The FLIP – size of an ipod.


The way this technology gets smaller and cheaper blows my mind.

You tech guys tear apart the codec and whatnot… I’m curious what value this has. A Crash Cam? FX? Anybody?