on defining "high concept"

Every so often I see a conversation about “high concept” films or screenplays that goes something like this: “That was a high concept film.” “High concept? It was a bunch of explosions and giant robots! What’s so high concept about that? “That’s poster-child high concept. By definition.” “No, high concept means a concept with high […]

Grampa Was A Superhero script has been optioned

[Become a fan of Grampa Was A Superhero on FACEBOOK] Writing duo’s family friendly spec script lands option deal with Epiphany Productions. Santa Cruz, CA – January 31, 2010 Chip Street and Sean Meehan have had unlikely good fortune in their short spec-screenplay writing careers. In an industry where newcomers are told that it’ll take […]


A few years ago I ended up talking with Veronica Craven about her upcoming slate of horror films. We chatted about me writing a zombie flick for her but that project didn’t come together (at least not with me). She did, however, have a project going into production called “Pocahauntus” — a cheezy B horror […]

ucla film video interview series on youtube

Very cool series of vids on YouTube from UCLA’s film school. Interviews with producers, directors, agents on how to pitch, what you get out of film school, and more… all good stuff, and always great to get it form the horse’s mouth. Here’s their YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

"Away We Go" gains instant indie cred via hand drawn title font

Away We Go is just the latest in a long line of “indie” films to leverage the oh-so-cool “hand drawn title” font, lending it serious street cred and instant indie validation before anyone even sees the film. Recently popularized by 2007’s JUNO, the quirky hand-made title font brought visions of diary entries and emo-teen angst-filled […]