It's a boy!

Today I gained a son! If you’ve been playing along at home, the past year has been in large part about jumping the hurdles and hoops and red tape of local, state and federal gummint in the hopes of making my stepson my legal son. Finally all the parts came together, and we had our[…]

It's (almost) a boy!

Just paid the last of the endless fees and paperwork associated with the adoption of my step-son! We’ve already gone through all the associated paperwork and legal investigations, gotten a waiver of parental rights from the birth father, and been visited at home by a social worker (we had to hide the kids who sew[…]

Never Done

This essay¬†was originally written and performed on KSCO 1080am on the second anniversary of 9/11.¬† My father told me once that he was glad my mother had died first. He loved her too much to wish he had gone in her place, he said. The harder thing was to be the one left behind. He[…]

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