Trickle Down Terrorism

NOTE: The following was originally written around 2004, performed on live radio on KSCO AM1080, and posted online (at a now defunct site) shortly thereafter. I just stumbled across it today. It’s astonishingly prescient, and as such makes me look smarter than I probably am. Unfortunately, we seem to have done it to ourselves, and[…]

Don't videotape at the mall if you're a terrorist.

Shooting some b-roll at the mall tonight (people shopping, sale signs, etc) for Programming The Nation and was asked by security what I was shooting. I said “my wife” (she was sitting nearby, and at that moment I was shooting her) and he said “okay, just don’t shoot around the building.” I said I would[…]

Never Done

This essay¬†was originally written and performed on KSCO 1080am on the second anniversary of 9/11.¬† My father told me once that he was glad my mother had died first. He loved her too much to wish he had gone in her place, he said. The harder thing was to be the one left behind. He[…]

Clef two-factor authentication