Storyboards Keep Your Team On The Same Page From Previz To Edit

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Visual Guides for Previz, Production, and Editing

Familiarity with story development, direction, and production informs the boards with dramatic inference, reasonable setups, and a general awareness of shootability.

Provide me with as much guidance and reference as possible to achieve your shooting style.

If you communicate your equipment limitations, storyboards will reflect your actual available resources (I won’t board crane or dolly shots if you’ve told me you have no crane or dolly!)

Phone discussions with director / DP, rough sketches, feedback rounds included in fees.

Let’s Tell Your Story

Per Panel Rates:
  • B&W Line Drawing: $18 per panel
  • Gray Scale: $20 per panel
  • Color: $25 per panel
Day Rate:
  • $400  – 15-20 panels per day depending on style and complexity
Other Considerations:
  • Travel and Per Diem for On-Set Time
  • Research (cinematic references, specific architectural references, etc) incur additional hourly costs