Consultation, Rewrites, Polishing, Ghostwriting

A second pair of eyes can help you find the opportunities in your story that you’ve missed.


Novels, novellas, and stories on assignment. Ghosting, co-writing, or credited.

Screenplays and Scenarios for Training, Industrials, & Marketing

Great characters, believable scenarios, and naturalistic dialog — wrapped in an engaging story that creates curiosity and investment — are critical to keeping viewers and learners focused and involved.

I’ve got a decade’s experience in turning raw Subject Matter Expert (SME) content into organized, structured, and engaging learning scenarios.

My long background in digital marketing, distance learning, and content development helps me balance business goals with creative.

Script your video lessons, product and service tours, and interactive media to engage, entertain, educate, and convert.

Specialties: Scenarios rooted in character and dialog; for Distance Learning, B2B & B2C Digital Marketing.

Feature Film From Your Concept

You provide the concept, and as much of an outline or beat sheet as you’ve got. I’ll take it from there. Credited or ghosted.

Specialties: Narrative family, comedy, horror, drama

  • Signatory – per WGA
  • Non-Signatory – negotiated

Feature Film Script Doctoring

Do you have an existing completed script that needs help? Let me at it.

POLISH – The Full Monty – Dialog punch up & subtext check, with death to exposition; Find scenes to cut or trim; Turn description into Haiku with rhythm; Fix structure to improve pace and enhance the narrative flow; Amplify cinematic moments, improve transitions; Improve character motivation and emotional resonance; Refine and highlight the story’s themes; Spell checking and format finishing. Credited or ghosted.

  • What you get: A completed polished screenplay in Final Draft, formatted, spell-checked, and ready to show. NOTE: Must pass my no-charge 15-page smell test first. 

STRUCTURE Consult – If your plot isn’t keeping the reader engaged, isn’t escalating in ways that build investment and momentum from scene to scene, maybe you aren’t seeing the difference between plot and story. Get a deep dive into the structure and pacing of your screenplay, with plenty of documentation, notes, and actionable recommendations.

  • What you get: Notes embedded in your PDF, plus an in-depth document outlining deeper discussion of defined issues with recommendations. NOTE: Must pass my no-charge 15-page smell test first. 

DIALOG and CHARACTER Consult – Make sure your characters are doing and saying things that make sense, ring true, and contribute to your story. Get an in-depth review of your characters, focused on defining their backstories, which informs their motivations for action, and colors their unique voice through dialog.

  • What you get: Notes embedded in your PDF, plus an in-depth document outlining deeper discussion of defined issues with recommendations. NOTE: Must pass my no-charge 15-page smell test first.

Let’s Tell Your Story

Why Me?

I’m an IMDB credited indie screenwriter (and art director) who has written, optioned, sold, judged, polished, ghost-written, story-boarded, art directed, produced, or directed over 100 shorts, features, and industrial films. See my complete resume here.

I’m a competition finalist, screenplay judge for a major industry competition, film juror for an International Film Festival, and founder of both Write Club and CineSpin (called a “must read” by IndieWire.)

I’ve worked in distance learning for nearly a decade, helping SMEs structure their thoughts and present their expertise to maximize knowledge transfer and learner engagement.

My blogs on screenwriting, contract negotiation, and crowdfunding have been featured, cited, or reproduced by the BlueCat Competition Newsletter, Script Magazine, John August, Bleeding Cool, NoFilmSchool, ScriptTips, and See the PRESS PAGE for more info.

I’m also a writer who knows the value of clear actionable script analysis and making the best of notes.

“I recently consulted with Chip on my Psychological Thriller screenplay and it was by far the best move I could’ve ever made. In less than 30 days we pounded out a solid new draft, trimming the page count from 118 to 100 and vastly improving every aspect of the final work: scene headings, slug lines, action sequences, pacing, exposition, dialog, characterization… everything was improved as a result!”
Jeff Warrick, Screenwriter

“I’m so grateful for the feedback on the script – I don’t think it would have gotten to a better place on its own, regardless of how hard I tried. I spent a full year doing a re-write based on your notes, which I hope resulted in a better story. Thank you!!”
Jason Nicholson, screenwriter, novelist, Dreamers Edge

“…this was by far the most comprehensive and helpful feedback I’ve ever received. Extremely thought-provoking. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this considered and thorough reading. Back to the drawing board – with a much better sense of what to do now that I have your insights!!”
M. Goff, Poet, Screenwriter

“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before. I also like the work you’ve done with the characters, making Lana a bit more assertive, introducing a couple of running jokes …”
Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games

“I liked your script! Thank you! Once it takes off, I will come back to you for more stories! Again, thank you for your help!”
Alexander Polenok, WizarLabs Inc.

“You did a terrific rewrite. Thank you for being so open and creative.”
Stan Harris, eKidsFilms

“Great job, Chip! [It] definitely gives the kid motive, and helps me in directing the scene.”
Ram Hernandez, Writer/Director, Phoenix Falling

“… truly you have captured the children and me. I think it’s more of a winner than I ever dreamed and I am close to tears with joy. Thank you!”
Sari Mitchell, Creator/Producer, Nature Rangers

“The script is great! You hit it on the head, good job! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to working with you much more in the near future.”
Mark Saia, Producer, Digital Media Factory

“I really appreciate your feedback about issues in the story! I also appreciate these funny suggestions! They’re great! I’m going to add all of these. Thanks for helping me fix it up!”
Erikka Innes, Writer/Director/Comedian,

“Chip Street is a wonderful and inventive writer. He knows how to create unique stories and keep them moving in a way that captivates the reader.”
John Rainey Rainey Script Consulting – Voted #1 Sript Consultant by Creative Screenwriting