Should You Give Up Equity In Your NanoBudget Film?

I’m torn on this…

If you win this competition with your contained-budget screenplay, you’ll get the 7K you need to make your film in exchange for 30% of the profits.

Now, by all means, hurray for promoting the microbudget feature idea!

But at <7K, is it worth giving up 30% of your (likely very minimal) profit, when you could probably raise that 7K among family, friends, and a Kickstarter?

If making a nanobudget feature is so accessible, do you need to give up any equity to get it done?

I’m in the process of putting together a <10K project myself right now, and after running the numbers with an eye toward using profits for a sophomore project, I’d be reticent to give up 30% of what little I might bring in.

But I’m sure the winner of this will also get more than the money… they’ll get additional visibility due to winning the contest, via media coverage and probably some support from the contest organizers.

As I say, I’m torn. I *think* I’d rather not give up that equity at that budget.

What are your thoughts?

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