Rocket Summer

rocket summer novel

Rocket Summer started as a screenplay, which sold to eKidsFilms and is in development.

Now it’s available as a YA novel.

Summer Is A Promise

When you’re thirteen, summer is a promise.

A promise of long warm days, lightning bug evenings, and never-ending adventure with lifelong friends.

If you’re Lacey Patterson, it’s also complicated.

Complicated by the fact that you’re still missing your mom after two long painful years.

Complicated by the fact that your dad doesn’t know how to relate to a thirteen-year-old girl without your mom there to guide him.

And complicated by the fact that you’ve got a huge crush on one of your best friends, and he’s got a crush on the town bully.

Summer is Adventure

When you find a crate of military rockets, you’ve got three choices.

Tell your parents, of course.

Report it to the authorities.

Or secretly build a rocket powered car on the outskirts of town, so you can get out from under your dad’s thumb, spend time with your friends, wrestle your crush’s attention away from his crush… and if you can get the whole thing to actually work, take a hundred-mile-an-hour ride that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

There’s no choice, really.

Summer Is Change

There’s a time when parents need to recognize that their children are facing challenges that will define the adults they will become; and children need to see their parents as people with flaws who are trying their best at a job for which there are no directions.

When the difference between child and parent shrinks just a little bit.

And when it becomes clear just how badly they really need each other.

It’s About More Than Summer

Sometimes building a rocket car is more important than driving one.

It’s about learning who you can trust.

About making big decisions, and making mistakes.

About discovering that other people’s challenges are as important as your own, and that helping others is the path to helping yourself.

Because sometimes the journey is the goal.

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“I read Rocket Summer, by Chip Street, in one sitting. I just couldn’t tear myself away. It is very interesting to see how each kid deals with their lives, and to follow the progress of the rocket car. Their personalities are realistic, and each scene in this fabulous story is exciting. Wonderfully, I couldn’t predict the end, which made me want to read about it more! I would definitely recommend Rocket Summer to people my age, but I wouldn’t be surprised if an adult enjoyed it, too!”
Amazon Review – Ruby, age 11

“I have to say I flat-out LOVED this book. What an emotional ride. And the subtlety, the elegance, with which Chip handled the abusive situations, and the humor and grace with which the kids bore up against their hardships, was just enthralling and beautiful. Wonderful, wonderful job.”
Amazon Review – GJT

“I had tears in my eyes. I really can’t wait to see the movie.”

“This was a great story about friendship and reaching for dreams. Totally different plot and setting, but the feel of it reminded me of Stand By Me. I found myself rooting for the characters as they encountered obstacles and holding my breath when…yeah, not going to spoil it.”
Amazon Review – Delphisjen

“The characters are beautifully developed and the dialogue perfect. And while I loved the wild ride, I most appreciated the quiet narrative taking place all around the main event. These kids are dealing with some weighty issues that are captured with intense realism and yet with incredible tenderness. … The book is filled with literary and beautiful language as well as a very astute understanding of what it means to be young, and on your own in a world that can sometimes brutal and preoccupied. I am recommending Rocket Summer to my adult friends and my twelve-year-old granddaughter is getting a copy for Christmas!”
Cooper Gallegos, Author of The Water Hauler

“It’s not often that you find a story which delves into the feelings and concerns of younger characters in a manner as poignant and well thought out as this book proves to be. I’d recommend this book to kids and adults. The writing is top notch.”
Amazon Review – Matthew Galvin

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The original Rocket Summer screenplay has been sold, and is in development.