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My first feature script, Rocket Summer, sold to eKidsFilms and is now in development.

My second feature (with Sean Meehan), Grampa Was A Superhero, is currently available.

The third (with Sean Meehan), Faeries, was a finalist at the 2009 Shriekfest screenplay competition and quarterfinalist in 2011’s BlueCat Competition. It is now under option, and in development.

I wrote and edited supplemental dialog for Aquapolis, a mobile game with worldwide distribution.

I am also credited as an additional writer on the feature Phoenix Falling.

My short script Whatever It Takes (with Chris Cooney) was produced and premiered at the Santa Cruz International Film Festival.

Another short script Supernatural Bridges (with Skot Christofferson) was produced in 2006.

Crankydog Spew and The Wise Guys were radio series’ produced and aired at KSCO AM 1080.

I have been a screenplay judge for both the Shriekfest Horror Film Fest and the Cinemar Short Screenplay Contest.

I founded Write Club Challenge, a free screenplay contest site.

I have several script concepts in process, and have worked with producers to help develop both documentary and television projects.

See writing samples here

  • Rocket Summer: feature – family – SOLD
  • Faeries: feature – horror – OPTIONEDSYNOPSIS
  • Grampa Was A Superhero: feature – family – available. SYNOPSIS
  • Phoenix Falling: feature – drama – additional writer – PRODUCEDimdb
  • Whatever It Takes: short – co-writer – PRODUCEDimdb
  • Supernatural Bridges: short – co-writer – PRODUCED
  • School Ship: feature documentary – in development
  • Magic Paintbox: children’s TV pilot – head-writer – in development
  • Nature Rangers: children’s TV pilot – head-writer – in development
  • Crankydog Spew – radio series – PRODUCED – KSCO AM
  • The Wise Guys – radio series – PRODUCED – KSCO AM