Screenplay to Novel: Rocket Summer

rocket summer movie posterTime for another excerpt from my novelization of Rocket Summer. I feel pretty good about how things are moving along.

The trouble with Maggie and Dwayne:

Maggie and Dwayne were likely trouble, that’s for sure. Them and Darlene had been thick as tar since forever, Darlene being the one the other two aspired to, and between the three of them generated more grief for folks in Alice than they were worth. Busted-up mailboxes were the least of it, to hear Lacey’s dad tell it. Pretty much anything went missing, broken, or defaced around town and more often than not it would turn out to be them. Or at least folks assumed, so it might as well be.

Lacey had kind of wondered why they hadn’t been around… they usually hung close to Darlene like ducklings behind their Momma.

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