Screenplay to Novel: Rocket Summer – the haircut

rocket summer movie posterIt’s time for a new excerpt of the slowly project of converting a screenplay into a novel.

So I may have been giving up too much information (spoilers) in the previous posts.

I’ll try to stop that.

These kids will do anything for this project of theirs… even get a haircut.

Why? One day you’ll be able to buy the book and find out…

The haircut:

The barber lifted the helmet off Kenny’s head, revealing ridiculous helmet-head hair pointing every which way like yellow crabgrass. The bib was snug around Kenny’s neck, and it put him in a mind of uncomfortable family gatherings and too-tight button down shirts with clip on ties, and he gulped against it. He absently bobbed his hands under the striped cloth and watched it float back down.

The barber turned, a pair of scissors in hands that shook like he was salting eggs. They were the kind of scissors that should be used to cut the ribbon at a new grocery store, with blades the size of carving knives. His other palsied hand slid a long black comb out of a tall jar of blue water, and Kenny realized that he’d actually rather be at an uncomfortable family gathering in a too tight shirt than here in this chair right now.

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