Screenplay to Novel – Rocket Summer

rocket summer movie posterAnother chapter down… now we’re at the point where a great trust has been broken. It was a delicate trust to begin with.


Dwayne hopped out of the Jeep, approached Lacey. There was menace in his posture. “Where’s the rockets at, Junior?”

Lacey snapped her head at Darlene. “You told them?” She dropped down off the truck bed, drilled Darlene with a look that should have made her burst into flame. “This is our car, Darlene! We trusted you!”

“Hey, you didn’t trust me,” Darlene replied flatly. “You paid me.”

“They paid you?” Dwayne snorted. “Hah! Sweet!”

The betrayal hit Lacey in the chest like a sack of dirt. Her knees threatened to buckle under its weight, but a rush of adrenaline stepped in and held her up, flushing her system with vibrating energy, and her nails dug crescents in her palms. Her heart pounded in her ears as she advanced on Darlene, and through its rhythmic roar she heard herself yelling. “Dammit, Darlene, we trusted you! How could you do this to us?”

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