RedBox – Make It A Double Feature

A follow up to my first post 3 Things RedBox Could Do To Get More Money From Me

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In that posting, I gave RedBox a hard time for not letting me add a second movie to my order when picking up a reserved disc.

I also said they could increase average order size, and reduce transactional costs, by prompting me with a “Make It A Double Feature” message during checkout that offers a recommendation for a companion film, or maybe even a discount for adding a second film.

RedBox, dutifully doing their social listening as they should, noticed my posting, and kindly contacted me with thanks  for my observations and feedback. In fact, they gave me some free rental codes. Go RedBox.

(In fact, a few days later the head of Marketing for RedBox contacted me. Turns out the blog was being shared around the offices and sparking a few conversations… kind of cool.)

So, a few days later, I used one of those codes on the website. And as I was completing my online transaction, I was greeted with this:

redbox double feature

Okay, I’ve never noticed this before. Is it new? Did RedBox so love my idea that they implemented it within 48 hours? Or have I simply never noticed this feature before consciously, but cataloged it subconsciously and then harangued RedBox for not having it?

I fear it’s the latter. So color me suitably embarrassed.

But it does beg the question… why didn’t I ever notice it before? Am I just that much of an Internet drone that I’ve flown right past this recommendation dozens of times? Maybe I’m an edge case, and it’s really an effective way to increase order size. I’d be interested in the metrics on this to know what percentage of visitors upgrade their order based on this.

I do notice the tool isn’t offering a discount for bundling… I wonder if that would make any difference in this secondary conversion.

Now, this doesn’t change things on the reservation pickup issue… I still would like to be able to add to my cart on pickup.

But this does show me that (a) RedBox is doing other things right in their online cart, and (b) I need to slow down my mouse.

If RedBox isn’t getting the conversions they want out of this feature (in other words, if I’m not such an edge case), what could they do differently to get my attention with this?

  • Pop up a light box?
  • Require me to dismiss it in order to check out?
  • Add a discount offer in big red blinking letters and numbers? (ew, no, okay, no blink tags!)

What about you?

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever noticed this feature… and if you have, has it prompted you to increase your order size when otherwise you might not have done so?

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