How I sold the very first screenplay I ever wrote – and how you can avoid the same fate

write a lot of screenplaysThey say you’ll never sell your very first screenplay. Hear how I sold mine, step by step and learn why you probably shouldn’t do exactly what I did.

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80,000 views and counting

fireworksJust wanted to say thanks for all your support. We hit 80,000 views on this blog in just the past two years (since I started keeping track… the blog’s been around a lot longer).

I know there are sites with lots more traffic. And of course, there’s more to those statistics… how long did people stay, how many pages each visitor viewed, etc and so on. But I’m just focused right now on the gross number.

I see growth, and I appreciate your time.

Wizard of Oz is public domain

ozSo I was recently reading an article Hollywood Reporter about the new Oz the Great and Powerful, and learned that the source material is in the public domain.

Now, I should have known this… if I was a responsible screenwriter, I’d be doing that kind of research to find more sources of inspiration with cultural cache. Not that I’m lacking in concepts… but again – “cultural cache”.

But that’s another story… the important thing is, now I know this.

So that gets the brain working. I’ve got a personal attachment to this series… I learned how to read by sharing the Oz books with my mother… she’d read a paragraph, then I’d take a turn. Now, that was nearly 50 years ago, so I don’t rightly remember all the books and characters well, but perhaps it’s time to revisit them. Continue reading “Wizard of Oz is public domain”

Devolver Digital Enters Indie Film Releasing

Does a company with deep success in distributing indie game titles have something unique to offer to indie filmmakers? Devolver co-founder Mike Wilson thinks so.

DevolverLogoIf you’ve heard of Devolver Digital, you’re probably familiar with their support and release of last year’s Hotline Miami, the blood-soaked, neon-drenched top-down action game from Dennaton that made a lot of best-of lists. Devolver co-founder as well as game and film industry vet Mike Wilson wants to make Devolver known not only for their support of indie games, but indie film as well, launching Devolver Digital Films this week at South by Southwest.

There’s no shortage of emerging alternative distributor models… but my gut tells me that Devolver just may find a niche that really benefits from their time in the gaming trenches.

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Evil Party Clown Terrifies Children – For a Fee

Agency offers evil clowns for kids birthday partiesI’m a little hyper-aware of evil clowns now, after art directing the about-to-be-released Zombie Clowns Conquer the World.

So when I saw this story about a “party clown” who specializes in stalking and terrifying children for a fee, I was intrigued.

This is just all kinds of awesome and inappropriate all rolled into one.