Weiner Admits Future Self Traveled Back In Time To Hack His Own Twitter Account

Anthony Weiner Terminates Future Presidential Debacle With Time-Bending Twitter Hack

Anthony Weiner Weinergate Twitter Hack
Artist’s rendition of Twitter hacking Future Weiner

Representative Anthony D. Weiner today took responsibility for hacking his own Twitter account. A desperate 2023 Weiner, his Presidential bid compromised by an even more damning news story that had come out in 2011’s original June, used a classic stainless steel Tesla to return to 2011 and hack his own Twitter account.

Only time will tell if the time-bending Twitter hack has been successful at deflecting attention away from the story that will — or would have — ruined his Presidential bid. The revelation that threatened to destroy Future Weiner’s political career is now lost to history, obfuscated by the now-famous “Weinergate”.

We can only imagine what original 2011 action demanded the time-bending Twitter hack. But whatever the original sin, according to one social scientist who has thoeorized on the subject, the resulting Weinergate will not affect the future campaign, because “in 2023 all candidates will suffer some form of classic social media embarrassment; some self-inflicted, some the result of well-meaning parents sharing bathtime pics and poop videos. Weinergate will prove no roadblock to the White House.”

Platinum Hit Finds A New Twist On Music Reality Shows

It’s true, I like me some reality TV.

Platinum Hit Bravo SeriesIf you’ve known me long enough, you know how unlikely that statement is. I was one of the (many? few?) decrying reality TV as the launch of the apocalypse 10 years ago, the first of the 4 horsemen. But its siren song called to even me, and as a consequence I’ve just finished watching my 10th season of American Idol (the show that, yes, brought my lovely wife and I together) and am hunkering down for my annual fix of So You Think You Can Dance.

I do have my standards, though. My preference is for reality TV that rewards some kind of creativity and talent, extra points for illuminating a little known process or industry, double points for maybe inspiring others. And I don’t have much patience for behind-the-scenes cat-fighting (not too much, anyway … I’ll still DVR my Project Runway … I think mostly it’s because of Tim Gunn, who I think is hilarious and awesome and classy and I would love to have a beer with). Continue reading “Platinum Hit Finds A New Twist On Music Reality Shows”

What Screenplay Readers Really Want: The Interview

If you want to sell a screenplay, or win a screenwriting contest, you have to get past the gatekeepers: The Readers.

49th Films screenwriting and filmmaking blogThe Readers hold the keys to the kingdom … The Readers are the ones tasked with slogging through the “slush pile”, that unfiltered stack of screenplay submissions, and decide if any of them are good enough to pass up the food chain to the people who sign the checks. It’s The Readers who decide if the screenplay gets a “consider” (rare), a “recommend” (essentially a unicorn), or simply tossed out after failing to keep them engaged past page 15 (the fate of 99.9% of submissions).

The Readers are charged with reading stacks of scripts … dozens, hundreds of scripts … and they are, mostly, terrible scripts. Sad, but true. Anyone can press keys on a keyboard. Few can turn it into art. So The Readers get jaded, maybe discouraged, maybe even angry.

So how do you get your brilliant new screenplay past The Readers? Continue reading “What Screenplay Readers Really Want: The Interview”

Yet Another “Regular Guy” Wants To Be A Superhero

Another “regular guy” wants to be a superhero. Will this trend ever end?

somebody's hero
Somebody’s Hero

“In this heart-warming family comedy, average accountant, Dennis Sullivan, is assigned to the account of a young widow and her son, a boy fascinated with a TV hero known as “Man America”. Taking an instant shine to the kid, Dennis visits The Imagination Superstore, where he tries on the ‘Man America’ costume. When he leaps from the dressing room to thwart a robbery, he embarks on a journey more complex than he ever could’ve imagined.”

I’ve already shared a list of six “regular guy superhero” movies, from Kickass to Zebraman. And the list just gets longer … Continue reading “Yet Another “Regular Guy” Wants To Be A Superhero”

Dying To Do Letterman Premieres at Cinequest

Liver cancer and comedy prove a perfect match.


Dying To Do Letterman invited to qualify for Academy Award – raising funds at Kickstarter.

Live Your Dream Or Die Trying

At 35, comedian Steve Mazan learned he was dying of liver cancer. So he did what any sane person would do: he dedicated the next year of his life to earning an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Five years later, last night, the story of that one year quest had its premiere at the 2011 Cinequest film festival as Dying To Do Letterman. And I was lucky enough to be there. Continue reading “Dying To Do Letterman Premieres at Cinequest”