Novelizing Rocket Summer: The Difference Between Mom and Dad

rocket summer movie posterSo things are moving along. I’ve spent the day writing and gotten a lot done.

I’ve decided to post an excerpt every few days… it’ll appear here, and on the Rocket Summer Facebook page as well.

The difference between Mom and Dad:

“She remembered the day. She’d pushed her way out the screen door, and tumbled off the porch into the dirt. Skinned knees and palms, and oh how she’d cried, but the embrace of her mom and her magic kiss had made it all go away, and they’d huddled up together on the porch and Mom had that old camera of hers and she held it out and captured it all forever.

When her dad got home that afternoon and saw her rosy wounds, he didn’t offer kisses or hugs; but he silently went back out to Dennis’ hardware store and picked up the hook latch. When he returned, he had Lacey reach as high into the air as she could, added another two feet, and screwed the hook into the wooden door frame. He latched the screen door shut, turned to Lacey, and simply said, “When you’re big enough to reach the hook, you’re big enough to go out on your own.”

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