Novelizing a screenplay: Rocket Summer – excerpt

rocket summer movie posterThe screenplay novelization of Rocket Summer is coming along… Here’s the latest excerpt.

Straws Don’t Lie:

Drawing straws was something they’d relied on since forever, like pinkie swears and cross-your-hearts. No law was held in higher regard, you couldn’t argue with the results, there was no whining, and there were no do-overs.

Lacey plucked some twigs from the ground, and started breaking them into pieces.

Darlene rolled her eyes. “Oh, give me a break.”

Lacey inspected the broken straws, handed them out. She brushed a spot clear in the dirt. Then, like a million times before, she, Charlie and Kenny bounced their hands three times, called “Short Man Out”, and slapped their palms down on the ground.

Kenny and Charlie slowly lifted their hands. Their straws were the same length. Lacey made a dramatic show of it, leaned her face near the ground, and peeked under her palm. She grinned, and lifted her hand.

Her straw matched the others.

Darlene watched this whole thing with some amusement. She knew what she had; it wasn’t what was in her hand but how she played it, as there was more than a little bit of bluffing going on here. She eyed the others, shrugged, and slapped her hand down in the dirt. Lifted it.

Her straw was clearly the shortest.

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