New Trailer Released for Carmel Movie

There’s an exciting new trailer out for Josh Hutcherson’s next film: Carmel By The Sea … and one of my props is featured in it.

CARMEL BY THE SEA – Trailer from Crystal Sky Entertainment on Vimeo.

Watch it FULL SCREEN…. it’s purty.

carmel movie posterThe Hunger Games star shot this film in Carmel California a few years ago, and I was lucky enough to work on it as an assistant props builder, thanks to my friends Brian and Adriana Sharp who brought me on. I was responsible for creating a series of vintage newspaper articles, old photos, hand written letters, medical records, and a few other items that figure prominently in certain plot reveals.

It’s interesting to see how intense they’ve made the film feel, compared to earlier trailers.

This film is slated for release in June of 2012 to coincide with the DVD release of The Hunger Games and Journey 2, both also starring Josh Hutcherson, and given the nature of those two films it sure won’t hurt to highlight the thriller aspects of Carmel to draw a portion of that audience.

It’s also nice when you can recognize your work in the trailer, and if you watch the new trailer at :37 seconds you’ll see one of the newspaper clippings:

prop from carmel movie with josh hutcherson

Looking forward to seeing the finished product. Proud of this project and happy to have worked with such a fine cast and crew.

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