New sci-fi novel released!

Exciting news!

The book I wrote last year has been released as part of a series.

Very proud to be one of the 15 international authors chosen to contribute to this IP.

International children's sci-fi collection

“…after nearly two years of preparation and creation … the authorship team of 15 internationally renowned writers was finally determined.”


15 years ago an alien interstellar ark with a half-dozen different species on board arrived in our solar system, claiming to be peaceful travelers in search of a new home. Now,  because her parents are part of the scientific team living aboard the ark, 11 year old Mitzi is the only human kid in her classroom. Struggling to make friends with classmates who communicate through sounds, smells, and colors, her innate curiosity and penchant for exploration leads her to uncover the real reason the aliens are here. Can she trust the few new friends she’s managed to make? Or do they all have some secret ulterior motive?


This series is initially being released in Chinese, translated from my original English and is currently distributed only in China.

My understanding is that it will have an English distribution at some point in the future.

There is a hard copy on its way to me. When I get it I will post pics of the interior.

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the illustrations of all the different alien species that I wrote into the story. And of course the 11 year old human protagonist, Mitzi.

The news story is in Chinese so I’ll post the entire translation below.


Xiang Shaoshe joins hands with Chimelong Group to create a cross-border IP and launch a new global children’s science fiction “War on Aliens”.

This morning, the new book release of “War on Aliens (International Edition)” was held at Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World. “War on Aliens (International Edition)” is a cross-border IP jointly created by Yang Peng, a leading figure in Chinese children’s science fiction creation, Hunan Children’s Publishing House (“Xiang Shaoshe”) and Guangdong Changlong Group. The successful publication of the book marks that the Chinese children’s science fiction book market and the level of children’s science fiction creation have fully integrated with the world, and is a major publishing event for Chinese children’s science fiction to enter the world and integrate into the world.

In his speech at the event, Yang Peng said that after nearly two years of preparation and creation, through the selection and organization of more than 100 children’s literature and children’s science fiction writers around the world, the authorship team of 15 internationally renowned writers was finally determined. The work selected “alien planets and aliens,” a theme that attracts the attention and love of children around the world.

This transnational collaborative creation of children’s science fiction in a global perspective has opened up new ideas for children’s science fiction creation and is a brand new publishing attempt.

Yang Peng hopes that the “War on Aliens (International Edition)” series can expand children’s imagination, cultivate children’s curiosity and curiosity, and stimulate their interest in science and the unknown world.

At the event, Yang Peng also interacted with more than a hundred young readers, discussed a number of interesting scientific issues such as the universe galaxy, and played games such as elephant nose circles.

Mr. Yang Congjie, Vice President of Chimelong Group, stated in his speech that Chimelong Group actively supports the creation and development of children’s science fiction books, and actively promotes a healthy and progressive children’s reading culture. This time, together with the Hunan Children and Children’s Publishing House, the “war on aliens” IP, Changlong will make efforts to form a lecturer group, park construction, park activities and other aspects to create more happiness and positive energy for children and parents.

The “War on Aliens (International Edition)” series has plots around aliens and defending the earth and defending humankind. It has a variety of styles, but all the stories are bold, the plot is compact, and the characters are bright. In the clash of grand scenes and thrilling stories, there is no shortage of delicate psychological descriptions of the growth of young people, which gives the work a higher artistic value and a deeper theme value.

The cooperation between Hunan Children and Children’s Publishing House and Chimelong Cross-border aims to promote the globalization of Chinese children’s science fiction, let the world better understand Chinese children’s science fiction, and allow Chinese children to read better international children’s science fiction works. International cultural exchanges and self-confidence in Chinese culture have important practical significance.


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