Julie Brown expresses interest in indie script “Rocket Summer”

julie brown*** UPDATE 2017: Since this post was written, the screenplay’s been sold to the producers of Fat Rose & Squeaky (the film Julie and I worked on together) but is hung up in development. At this point in time there’s no production schedule in place.

It’s (semi)-official… Julie Brown is verbally attached to the Rocket Summer project in the role of Mercy!

Learn more about the script HERE.

Just to be clear, this is a verbal attachment… that means she’s expressed interest in the project, but there’s no contract… just big hopes and happy intentions.

Rocket Summer is great, I love it and would love to be in it!
– Julie Brown

Julie and I worked together a few years ago on the film Fat Rose and Squeaky (where I was Art Director), she was great to work with, and I couldn’t be happier to have her interested in RS.

For those of you living under a rock:

“The funniest Woman in America!” -Boston Globe
“Julie Brown is one of the true Comic Queens!” -USA Today
“Just say Brilliant” – TV Guide
“Julie Brown is a poisonous revelation!” – TV Guide
Known for her outrageous comedy performances and songs, Award-winning Actress/Singer/Writer/Director/Producer/Gay Icon JULIE BROWN’s star-turn role as Medusa, in MEDUSA, DARE TO BE TRUTHFUL, a spoof of Madonna´s film TRUTH OR DARE, earned her a Cable Ace Award and the Writer´s Guild Award. Her follow-up film, ATTACK OF THE 5´2″ WOMAN, which she wrote, starred in and produced almost won her another Cable Ace Award for her song “Queen of the Ice.” Her fingers were crossed but inevitably she lost to her longtime rival, Barbra Streisand (she wishes).
For the big screen, Julie wrote and starred in the cult film, EARTH GIRLS ARE EASY. Her other career highlights include her role as the gym teacher in the movie (and subsequent TV series) CLUELESS; starring on the FOX Sketch show THE EDGE and guest starring on the HBO Series SIX FEET UNDER as the bubbly Sissy Pasquese. She is also frequently seen as a commentator on E!´s various entertainment and top 100 specials.”
…read more at Julie’s site.

Rocket Summer is a charming family drama that feels like a cross between Breaking Away and October Sky, with a hint of Stand By Me.

The script went on to garner a quarter-final placement in the Monterey County Film Commission Script Competition. Since then it’s been optioned for a total of two years, and is now back in my hands. I have high hopes for this script and am looking forward to finding a home for it.

“This story is touching on many levels. You are a talented writer, with a wonderful unique style.”
– 2004 Monterey County Film Commission Script Competition

If things fall together as I hope, Julie would be playing the role of Mercy, mother to teenage daughter Lacey, proprietor of the small town diner, and something of a den mother to the kids.

I’ll be sharing more, as I go through a rewrite on the script, and am working on putting together a shoot of some demo footage to help sell the project.

Thanks, Julie! Here’s to good things happening!

4 thoughts on “Julie Brown expresses interest in indie script “Rocket Summer”

  1. Excellent news! This will certainly help push RS in the right direction — a little closer toward the big screen we hope. 😉

    1. Hey, you’se guys, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, of my scripts, this is the one I’d like to make myself… lots of personal stuff in there. Julie is a great addition. I’m still struggling to find the time to polish the script, as I want to flesh out her character more — give her more to work with. She deserves it, and it’ll help the story. Hoping to tackle it in February.

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