It's a girl!

So, if you’ve been playing along at home, you know that we’ve been working on finalizing the adoption of my stepson.

Funny how life works.

On the day that we signed off on all the final papers and made it official, we arrived home to more news.

I had not simply gained a son today.

I also gained a granddaughter.

My son Jesse is expecting a daughter… soon! August 8th.

Yes that soon.

No, I hadn’t known.

Seems that I was the last to learn… guess I’m a scarier guy than I thought. 🙂

When I was a young man I was afraid to tell my old man that I’d gotten my ear pierced… I stood with my head cocked sideways in the hopes he’d only see the right side of my head all afternoon.

Even in my thirties, showing him my tattoos was a hard thing to do.

And in all honesty, my first wife was secretly pregnant with my daughter at the wedding… so I can relate to how hard/scary/intimidating these kinds of things can be. I’m not mad about it at all. I’m looking forward to it. (For the record, we were engaged many months before becoming preggo…)

I’m just happy to finally know, and am priming myself for grandparenthood. Haven’t decided what I want to be called yet… but I don’t think it’ll be “Grampa”. I’m thinking “Pop” (as my grandfather was). But we’ll see.

I figured this was coming in the next few years.

Wish us luck!

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