Is This The Weirdest Form Of Spam Content?

Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas

Are these the weirdest new permutations of spam content?

These are automated stories duplicated over and over with different celebs and locations. A couple weeks ago it was this:

“[celebrity] gets flat tire and says [town name] people are the most helpful ever.”

Here’s the Robert Downy Junior version of this one

And the Johnny Depp version

NOTE that these sites are clearly all related. One can only assume that they’re banking on as many people as possible with ‘local pride’ to share the stories in social and blogs, and maybe even excited local legit news sites to pick them up. Generating traffic and therefore ad rev.

I’m hereby coining this model “vanity shares” content. FWIW.

They explain on their ‘about’ page that they’re not real news: “Daily News 11 is a fantasy news site. Most articles on are satire or pure fantasy.”

But clearly it’s just a content farm trafficking in vanity shares.

Is there any foreseeable future where quality content isn’t diluted and commodified until it’s utterly useless?


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